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www.Holiday Bills.com : The economy of the last year has left many of us with less-than-perfect credit. For many of us, unemployment and layoffs led to financial problems, while others found themselves on the receiving end of a ballooning mortgage payment.

Regardless of how the economy has affected us, the point is that the credit crisis, the housing crisis and the sheer lackluster economy have put many of us into difficult financial situations.

Credit Card and Loan Approval Rates Drop

As a result, many of our credit scores took a hit – a big hit. As a result, many of us lost our ability to use credit cards or to secure short-term loans. Unfortunately, throughout all of this mess, we still needed money to make ends meet as best as we could.

As a result, payday advance loans have seen resurgence in activity. Many consumers are now turning to this type of loan to meet their short-term financial obligations and to cover emergency expenses.

Payday Advance Loans to the Rescue

Why has there been an increased interest in these loans? Simply put, they provide consumers with much-needed cash without the hassles of a credit check. Let’s face it: many of us are in no position to enter into a short-term loan that uses our credit for approval. However, a payday advance loan can come to the rescue when we need money, but our credit score prevents us from getting a typical short-term loan or credit card.

What, perhaps, is most interesting about this type of loan is that many consumers who have good credit are turning to them. Many consumers, upset and frustrated because of the rising interest rates and fees associated with credit cards, have turned to the practicality of payday advances. Many consumers are also turning to these loans because they don’t want to deal with the hassles associated with standard short-term loans, including credit checks and slow approval times.applybutton1

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